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                2. ABOUT US

                  Hangzhou Times Automation Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Yuhang Future Science and Technology City, specializing in the development, production and sales of CNC software, CNC systems, CNC panels and drive systems, providing overall solutions for software, CNC, panels and drives, based on Juxun? Company registered trademark. The company's stepper motor driver supports two-phase, three-phase and five-phase stepper motors; the bus stepper driver is well received by users, easy to use and has stable performance; the cable network detection module is at the leading level in China; the wire cutting high-frequency power supply subverts the traditional concept , to bring forth the new, aiming to provide users with a new type of discharge power supply that is reliable, high-tech, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

                  • 20Year

                    Industry experience

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                    high quality product

                  • 10000Hour

                    Product life

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                    Customer satisfaction

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